Monday, October 31, 2016

More WSFC 1963 World Series cards! Dodgers Sweep Yanks!

Two more cards for the 1963 World Series Fantasy Card collection. 

Mucho work went into that Koufax above. As I've always said, it's all about the photo. I could not get both Sandy and the scoreboard to fit inside the card border so I decided to allow the color work to extend beyond the border, so both are in view. In this case the color work trumps the card. 

Maury Wills steals second in game two at Yankee Stadium. Is it me or does that look a tad early for a headfirst slide? Still, Wills flew by Bobby Richardson and made it to the bag ahead of his tag. 

Before Ricky Henderson and Lou Brock there was Maury Wills. Anyone who knew baseball in the 60's knew his name and reputation. The year before this World Series Wills set a new record by stealing 104 bases. That record stood until 1985 when Vince Coleman swiped 110.

More 1963 World Series Fantasy Cards to come.


Game 6 Cubs card from Mets Fantasy Cards

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